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I will complain to ALLAH!

It was created after the hospital attack in Palestine to be the voice of the persecuted people in the world geography.

The "I am Palestine" team, which aims to create civil disobedience actions, passive resistance, social sensitivity and awareness, works on a voluntary basis.

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    "Hello, you can join an initiative like the "I am Palestine" team to play an active role against persecution around the world. This is an opportunity to be a voice for Palestine and other persecuted communities. By joining this movement, you can play an important role in creating change."

    Mehmet SancaklıKayseri |Türkiye

    You have the chance to speak out against the atrocities in Palestine and elsewhere. Even just one person can make a big difference. Groups such as the 'I am Palestine' team are fighting against this persecution through civil disobedience actions and social sensitisation work. You can be part of this movement and actively fight against oppression around the world.

    Hilal SevinçSivas | Türkiye

    Activist groups such as the 'I am Palestine' team aim to mobilise support for persecuted communities. By taking part in this important struggle, you can put your sensitivity to human rights into practice. As a volunteer soldier, you can be a voice against oppression around the world and take an important step towards creating change.

    Zeki Gündüzİstanbul | Türkiye

    Your will to stand up against oppression can become a great power. The 'I am Palestine' team can guide you in realising this aspiration. We can overcome these problems by fighting together against oppression around the world. As a part of this movement, you can contribute to a historic change.

    Ömer ÖztürkTrazbon | Türkiye











    How Can You Boycott?

    Determining the Brands to Boycott

    When identifying brands to boycott, it is very important to conduct in-depth research using reliable sources. This means taking a clear stand against persecution and consuming responsibly.

    Identifying Alternative Brands Instead of Boycotted Brands

    Choosing alternative brands that take a stand against oppression instead of boycotted brands represents a concrete action against oppression by limiting the funds going to Israel.

    Spread the Boycott Around!

    For a boycott to be effective, it is important to share this action with the people around you. Using social media and appropriate language to explain the reasons and purpose of the boycott to those closest to you will encourage more people to join the movement and raise public awareness of the persecution.






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    Let's Fight Together for a Freer Palestine!

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